John Swisshelm
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  • 3 Undergrad Students
  • Advisor: Ian Bogost


  • Concept and Design
  • 2d Art and Animation
  • Programmed Tentacles and Backgrounds

Project Highlights:

Tech: Flash

Language: Actionscript 2

Art: Flash, Photoshop

School: Georgia Tech CM Program

Class: Interactive Design - Spring '07


Blourb is a muti-touch wall game where players join together to control a cute blob of destruction, racing to the top of the skyscraper while causing damage to earn points.

Since each touch controls another tentacle from the blob, players are encouraged to get as many people involved as possible.

Flash Prototype

The Blourb flash prototype is intended to demonstrate basic input, treating a mouse click as a single touch.

Instructions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Click a window to crack and break it.

Click and Drag a person to pick them up. Eat them by dropping them into Blourb's mouth. (try throwing people around, too!)

Click and Drag a wall or broken wndow to move up the skyscraper.

Matics prototype shotBlourb wall display concept

John Swisshelm
Steven Miller
Kyle Koza

2014 John Bernhelm (formerly Swisshelm)