John Swisshelm
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Double Fine Productions


  • Combat Designer & Scripter
  • Implemented Mechanics for 3 Player Classes
  • Stop-Motion Animation tool R&D

Project Highlights:

  • 4 Player Online Co-op
  • 3 Player Classes with unique playstyles and skills
  • Stop-motion style
    monster animation

Brazen is a co-op multiplayer hunting prototype inspired by Monster Hunter and classic Ray Harryhausen films like Clash of the Titans.

  • Three different heroes, one stop-motion monster.
  • The Stalwart fights with a weaponized shield.
  • The shield can stun the Gorgoth when it charges.
  • The Beerzerker is more powerful the more liquid courage he drinks.
  • Beerzerkers land punches with their hand steins.
  • The Player needs to be careful not to over do it...
  • ...or their Beerzerker will be stunned.
  • The Waracle is master of all weapons, but prefers to fire them out of a bow.
  • Mace arrows are heavy but can stun the Gorgoth.
  • The Gorgoth flees when heavily damaged, leading the player to a new arena.
  • Players pose with their trophy after a successful hunt.

Brazen was developed based on an earlier internal prototype created by Brad Muir. In order to pitch the game to publishers, the prototype was given a month of additional development and I was brought on to turn the generic heroes into three memorable player classes with distinct fighting styles.

Above: "Making Of Brazen" video with Brad Muir

I designed and implemented new gameplay mechanics for all three heroes:


  • Role: Heavy Melee Attacks & Defense
  • Weapon: Huge Bladed Shield
  • Special: Can plant shield into the ground and stop monster charges

  • Role: Ranged Attacks, Versatile but Weak Melee
  • Weapon: Spear Arrows, Axe Arrows, Mace Arrows
  • Special: Can switch between 3 types of arrows and use them for melee or ranged attacks

  • Role: Fast Melee Attacks, Bait
  • Weapon: Dual Battle Steins
  • Special: Gets faster and more powerful by drinking "liquid courage"


2014 John Bernhelm (formerly Swisshelm)
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