John Swisshelm
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Lord of the Fjord


  • 3 Grad Students
  • Advisor: Celia Pearce


  • Design and Production
  • Race Logic, Controls, and Scene programming
  • Character Art and Animation

Project Highlights:

Players: 6 via LAN

Controls: Bongos

Tech: jMonkey Engine

Language: Java

Art: Maya, MS3d, Photoshop

School: Georgia Tech, Digital Media Grad Program

Class: Multiplayer Game Design - Fall '07

You are the drumbeat inside a team of heavy-metal vikings' heads as they plow through the water in a race to become the Lord of the Fjord!

  • First ever Networked Viking Boat Bongo Battle... it's about time!
  • Ships are controlled with Donkey Konga bongo controllers - seen here at LCC Demo Day.
  • I implemented a tessellating water shader to create waves and an importer for course terrain.
  • The Vikings were modeled in Maya and animated in Milkshake3d.
  • The Starting line.

I wore many hats on Lord of the Fjord; designing the concept, modeling and animating the Vikings, and programming the racing mechanics, controls, Hud, 3d water, and environment importer.

"The most fun I had playing any of the games came from the bongo-driven paddle-fest, Lord of the Fjord... It was terrifically fun, with some of the tightest control I've seen in a paddle game." - gaygamer

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John Swisshelm
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