John Swisshelm
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  • 3 Undergrad Students
  • Advisor: Blair MacIntyre


  • Character Animation
  • Programmed level parser, camera system, menus, parallax backgrounds
  • Production and Design

Project Highlights:

Tech: jMonkey

Language: Java

Art: Maya, MS3d, Photoshop

School: Georgia Tech, Computer Science Program

Class: Game Design - Fall '07

Matics is a colorful physics-based construction platformer. Run, jump, and build springs, fans, and platforms to get to each level's exit.

  • Placing Matics pauses the action and lets the player stamp objects onto the environment.
  • Gin is purposefully bad at platforming, so welcomes these player-placed springs.
  • Placing fans.
  • Fans are great for traversing cavernous pits.

I animated main character Gin, built half of the levels, and programmed the camera, menu, and parallax scrolling background systems.

"Imagine what Kirby would look like if he sucked up an engineer, something like that... It was a great idea to be able to create and build platforms to work with, and the visual style was great." - gaygamer

John Swisshelm
Cooper Welch
David Worsham
music by DM Ashura

2014 John Bernhelm (formerly Swisshelm)