John Swisshelm
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Rockasaur Rangers


  • 4 Undergrad Students
  • Advisor: Celia Pearce


  • Concept and Game Design
  • 2D and 3D art

Project Highlights:

Tech: XNA

Language: C#

Art: Maya and Photoshop

School: Georgia Tech, Computational Media Undergrad Program

Class: Game Design and Culture - Spring '08

Rockasaur Rangers is an asymmetrical co-op game where three players use Rock Band instruments to pilot their giant robot, shoot down hundreds of asteroids, and save the world from Dinopocalypse!

  • Concept art for the band of rock dinosaurs.
  • Pilot the robot and save the world.
  • Rockasaur Rangers are Go!
  • The Setup: Guitarist shoots lasers down the lanes, Bassist positions the robot to change lane direction, the Drums provide power for each lane.
  • Work together to shoot down the asteroids and avoid Dinopocalypse.
  • Things get pretty hectic, and the world might be in for a long winter.
  • The Guitarist earning a combo bonus!
  • Playing the game at LCC Demo Day.

  • Guitar - Fires lasers down the colored lanes.
  • Bass - Positions the lanes to target approaching asteroids.
  • Drums - Powers the robot and the lanes.

As the artist and designer on Rockasaur Rangers, I created 2d art, 3d models, and the initial game design and prototypes.

Elris Anyaibe
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John Swisshelm
Ari Velazquez

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