John Swisshelm
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Uncharted 3


Naughty Dog


  • Melee Combat Design
  • Scenario Design
  • Level Scripting
  • Assisted Mocap Direction    

Project Highlights:

and Gallery of Awesome

Melee 'n Gun
Melee during Traversal Gunplay

Bar Brawl
Intro Scene & Tutorial

Horse Escape
Vehicular Setpiece

Boss Battles
Cinematic 1-on-1 Fisticuffs

Hard-hitting Intro and Melee Tutorial

After a deal gone bad, Drake and Sully face a pub full of thugs in the opening of Uncharted 3; a rollicking bar fight created to kick the action into high gear and teach the basics of the new melee system.

I planned and scripted this sequence, which required coordinating a ton of animation, visual effects, cinematography, and physicalized objects. Working with Reuben Langdon and other professional stunt men on the motion capture stage was one of the highlights of the project!

"As expected, the game takes off like a runaway train – though this time we find Drake not dangling from a wrecked train car but fighting a cast of London thugs pulled straight from a Guy Ritchie film." - Game Informer

"During the game's memorable opening bar brawl, the game teaches the player how to fight using Uncharted 3's revamped melee combat system." - Destructoid


2014 John Bernhelm (formerly Swisshelm)
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