John Swisshelm
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Uncharted 3


Naughty Dog


  • Melee Combat Design
  • Scenario Design
  • Level Scripting
  • Assisted Mocap Direction    

Project Highlights:

and Gallery of Awesome

Melee 'n Gun
Melee during Traversal Gunplay

Bar Brawl
Intro Scene & Tutorial

Horse Escape
Vehicular Setpiece

Boss Battles
Cinematic 1-on-1 Fisticuffs

Boss Battles and Unique Encounters

Drake battles Talbot in a climactic duel as the Atlantis of the Sands crumbles around them.

I designed and scripted five 1-on-1 boss fights for Uncharted 3. The designs focused on pacing, story beats, and unique experiences instead of difficult one-off scenarios.

Other unique encounters include battling a brute in a nasty London rest room, confronting a drugged-out and hallucinating partner, and fighting on the opened ramp of a cargo plane flying high over a desert.


2014 John Bernhelm (formerly Swisshelm)
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