John Swisshelm
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Uncharted 3


Naughty Dog


  • Melee Combat Design
  • Scenario Design
  • Level Scripting
  • Assisted Mocap Direction    

Project Highlights:

and Gallery of Awesome

Melee 'n Gun
Melee during Traversal Gunplay

Bar Brawl
Intro Scene & Tutorial

Horse Escape
Vehicular Setpiece

Boss Battles
Cinematic 1-on-1 Fisticuffs

Tactical Melee During Gun Combat

By combining gunplay, traversal, and fisticuffs, we created a combat playground where players have many ways to dispatch enemies: shooting from afar, rushing in for a rifle-butt to the face, tossing foes off a cliff, stealth attacks, and more.

"Thanks to the incredibly impactful animations of a hand-to-hand assault, it's fun to put aside the bullets and explosives to focus on getting your hands dirty instead."
- Gamespot

"Melee combat is vastly improved. I’d always avoided using my fists in past games, but new stealth attacks and a tighter combat system made hand-to-hand combat one of my favorite parts." - Game Informer


2014 John Bernhelm (formerly Swisshelm)
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